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IMPORTANT: Our staff spends much time searching the web for Biz to Biz contacts daily and YOU can help us  as we help you increase your affiliated web site profits.     This is a FREE service...  please copy and place this link/logo on your page so others will know of us:  referme-logo-button.gif (2302 bytes) (link to: )

The Refer-Me! Biz to Biz Search Engine is not a general-purpose Web directory.  So, please be sure to only list Reviews about Biz to Biz contacts that you are familiar with or have done business with.    If you have other items of general interest that you feel our readers might be interested in DO NOT list them here.  Instead, please visit our many other FREE AD directories we are affiliated with.

If you find that a Biz to Biz contact Review has already been listed in our database then you may also place a review for that contact based on your experience with the specific affiliate contact.  If you would like any changes made with your current listing (Review) then you may re-enter the entire Review listing and tell us the ID# of the old listing you want deleted.

If you have any ideas on how we might improve this form, or if you have any problems using this submission form, or if you happen to run across a misuse of this service (send us the ID#)... please send us email at Refer-Me!

  • Only  One listing/review per Biz to Biz contact per web-site is permitted.  If we find duplicate listings from you to the same Biz to Biz contact we will delete ALL your listings from our database (a very poor marketing strategy called "spamming").   Put in other words.  You are permitted to enter one Review for as many Biz to Biz contacts as you can find on the web.
  • When entering keywords in your description/review be sure they pertain to the particular Biz to Biz contact content. Do Not enter key words just for the sake of showing up in non-appropriate searches (another very poor marketing strategy).

Sorry for these strong words but we want to keep our readers coming back (and so should you).  There is nothing worse than doing a search and having non-conforming listings showing up.

Biz to Biz contact Web Site Review Information
(All this information will be displayed in the Biz to Biz listing Review database!)

Enter the General Information about the Biz to Biz contact you are Reviewing below. Yes, you may submit reviews on your own web site.  Then check your entries and then click on the submit button below for your Review listing to be instantly online.  Once you have listed your Biz to Biz contact you should check your listing to be sure it is correct.  If you want to change a listing then re-enter your listing and email us the ID# of the OLD listing you want deleted.

What is the name/title of this Biz to Biz contact you are Reviewing?

IMPORTANT:This is the Line we do a "Title Search" on by first letter of your contact.  So, if you want to show up where you should in our "Title Search" do not use special characters! This field will be used as the Header (and link) of your listing as you wish it to appear at Refer-Me! "contact Reviews"
DO NOT USE ALL-CAPITAL LETTERS. You may, of course use caps where required.. (REQUIRED)

What is your Review about this Biz to Biz contact? (OPTIONAL)

Some examples of a good review might be in answer to the following questions.  This is not a description of the offering (which is below).  Have you used the contact? Did you like it? Would you recommend it to others? What is the contact about?  What does the contact have to offer? DO NOT use carriage returns or HTML code!    DO enter the entire review as one continuous line. Keep the review brief and relevant, preferably a single paragraph of less than 30 words (the review will be published as a single paragraph). Be general and describe the Biz to Biz contact as a whole, rather than terms like ``now appearing'' or ``new'' will date your description quickly. Avoid advertising phrases such as ``Check it out!'', or other phrases that do not contribute any content to the description.

What keyword (category) best describes this Biz to Biz contact? (REQUIRED)
What is your association with this Biz to Biz contact? (REQUIRED)
IMPORTANT NOTE about the two URLs below: URL #1, #2 may be the same if you are listing your own site!
What is the URL (#1) of the page of the web site that is offering  the Biz to Biz contact? (REQUIRED)

IMPORTANT: This is the link we use for your header. 
This should be the URL that points directly to the contact biz offering at the web site. 
Example: http://www.site-city.com/shopping/software/
What is the URL (#2) of your web site (if you have one where others might visit? (OPTIONAL)

Yes, by all means include your web site here also as the reviewer.
When did the Biz to Biz contact offering begin?  (OPTIONAL)

This question is primarily for the owners who do their own reviews.  However, if you know the answers feel free to give them.
What are the Biz to Biz contact offering description (less than 30 words)? (OPTIONAL)

This is where you should enter a description of biz to biz offerings.  Put some keywords here also for easy searching.
Contact information of Lister (YOU)
(All this information will NOT be displayed in listing! It is for our office use only!
All email addresses listed below must be valid in order for us to verify your entry. Submissions with invalid addresses will be deleted.
What email address should be used for contact regarding your entry on  Refer-Me!?
This address will not be published, but will be the address I will use to send monthly verification messages, or get in touch with you for other reasons related to the Biz to Biz contact-list. This address should be a human, not an auto-responder or robot. (REQUIRED)
Who are the major staff members of your company?
Name Position Email

For each member, enter their real name, title (if any; eg, CEO, OWNER, etc.), and email address. (1 REQUIRED, up to 2)

What is the name of your  company? (REQUIRED)
What is your telephone number? (REQUIRED)
What is your postal address? (REQUIRED)
Street/PO box:
ZIP/postal code:
Testimonials and Additional Information.

Could you list a comment or testimonial about this web-site in general? This will be posted on our Refer-Me! biz to biz reviews Testimonials web page.  (OPTIONAL)


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